Jailor was conceived in 1998 with a main and clear purpose: composing and performing its own thrash metal, based on the respected Brazilian Thrash Metal. 


After the release of two demo tapes, Capital Punishment and Religious Unpurge, finally the debut album came up. Evil Corrupts was released in 2005 in a new media format, SMD, and bought a killing art as well. 

To achieve more brutal sonority, improve the composition process and songs sonority and get even better stage performance, the line-up of the band was changed. 


The result of the changes is Jailor´s second album, titled Stats of Tragedy.


Jailor are:

Daniel Hartkopf – guitars

Emerson Niederauer – bass

Flávio Wyrwa – screams

Guima – guitars

Jefferson Verdani – drums


Stats of tragedy brings eight thrash metal masterpieces that recreate hell on Earth. Recorded at Avant Garde Studios by Maiko Thome Araújo and brings again the killer art of Anderson L.A., the same artist that signs Jailor´s debut album and others Brazilian metal bands as well.


The band played alongside very well known names of world´s metal: Exodus, Destruction, Morbid Angel, Exciter, Krisiun, Assassin, Torture Squad and Suicidal Angels. And nowadays works on Stats of Tragedy divulgation.


Jailor designates itself as a Brazilian thrash metal band, on other hand, a lot of people rather label Jailor´s music as death/thrash. Despite the way you classify the songs, Jailor plays, above all, metal in its pure state.